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MovementREV‘s founder Anna Hartman offers a uniquely wide breadth of knowledge derived from 13 years of rehabilitative Athletic Training and performance enhancement. As the former Director of Performance Physical Therapy at EXOS (formerly Athletes’ Performance), Hartman is well-versed in the myriad of injuries and stresses incurred by high-level athletes. Blending various manual therapy techniques such as visceral manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point dry needling, and joint mobilizations with other movement techniques such as Pilates, yoga, the Franklin method, functional strength exercises, linear and multidirectional movement drills and patterns Hartman’s methods consistently facilitate improved and efficient pain-free movement.

Anna Hartman is one of the best clinicians I have worked with.  Her evaluation skills and treatment approach are world class.  She incorporates eastern and western philosophies, manual skills, breathing and imagery, corrective exercise and traditional rehab techniques in order to truly create a unique approach to restoring the patients non painful, efficient movement patterns.
Sue Falsone PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT

Head Athletic Trainer and Sports Performance Mens National Team, USA Soccer , Founder & President, S&F: Structure and Function Founder & President, Dr. Ma’s Systemic Dry Needling

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