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 Expertise and Authenticity

  • Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ASTYM)
  • Dr. Ma’s Systemic Dry Needling (SDN)
  • Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation (VM)
  • Orthopedic evaluation and joint mobilization (International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine IAOM)
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
  • Shirley Sahrmann Movement System Impairment Syndromes (MSIS)- Long term course
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)
  • Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Comprehensive Training
  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


A passionate teacher and expert in anatomy and movement science, Anna is an incredible resource for her clients and colleagues. Her attention to detail and wide breadth of knowledge makes for an impeccable, efficient and transformative experience.  Driven by her enthusiasm and curiosity, you will likely find Anna in a continuing education course when she is not working with her clients.  Compassionate and proficient, Anna is able to effortlessly connect with a wide range of clients including but not limited to professional athletes, athletic trainers and manual and movement therapist.  She is an inspiration to her peers and a leader in her industry!
Mirea Sharifi, MFA, PMA®CPT

Owner, BodyQuest Pilates

 REV Sessions



Full body evaluation to determine pain or injury cause or movement inefficiencies. Performed by an AZ licensed, certified athletic trainer (ATC).



Movement based rehabilitation using a blend of manual therapy and awareness exercises. Performed by an AZ licensed, certified athletic trainer (ATC).


REV up

Movement based performance enhancement using a blend of awareness exercises and possible manual therapy. Performed by an AZ licensed, certified athletic trainer (ATC).


On The Road

On The Road: REView, REVItalize, & REV up


Specialty Offerings


Custom Education Workshops

For Rehabilitation Specialists and Movement Specialists 



Educational Workshops

Host a Education Workshop 


Polestar Pilates Mentoring

Available only to Polestar Pilates students to compliment their comprehensive curriculum and fulfill their self mastery and teaching hour.



Consultation with University or Professional Teams

Injuries, Rehabilitation Systems, Strength and Performance Integration Solutions


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REV it up!

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