Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an athlete to work with you?

No, however you have to have similar qualities as an athlete. I ask that you be motivated to put in the time and dedication to make yourself care a priority. This requires flexibility in scheduling, making time each day to do exercises or practices changes I have recommended.

Do you take insurance / what form of payment do you accept?

No, MovementREV is cash pay, fee for service based business.
Cash, check, credit card, HSA credit card are accepted at the time of service. In some cases professional athletes may inquire about billing their team, agent, or workers compensation.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is practiced with a philosophy that approaches health care from a holistic perspective based on a influence of the 3 pillars of health and wellness being body, mind, and spirit. Understanding that each of these aspects can have an effect on the whole health of the entire organism. Some of the founding principles of osteopathic medicine:
• The body can heal itself though the maintained eye of homeostasis
• Homeostatic balance is influenced by the rhythms of the body
• The organs are the most important thing to the body, often the result is a dysfunctional musculoskeletal system as a protective response to the organs
• Compensation is not bad, in fact it is the ability to compensate which keeps us healthy. The loss of the ability or capacity to compensate is what leads to dis-ease, injury, and illness

What is visceral manipulation?

Visceral manipulation is an osteopathic manual therapy technique that addresses the mobility and motility of the organs within the hard and soft frames of the body. Maintaining mobility and motility of the organs allows for optimal function of the organs and freedom of movement within the musculoskeletal system. The method of visceral manipulation I have studied and I practice is based on the work of Jean Pierre Barral, DO. By identifying the patterns of protection of the body, you can determine the primary locations that the body is challenged with maintaining homeostasis. Once the area and structures are identified, gentle manual therapy techniques, typically following the direction of tissue ease are applied to improve mobility, motility, and function of the structure.

What is neural manipulation?

Neural manipulation is a visceral manipulation technique, specific to the brain and nerve visceral structures. The technique that I study and practice was developed by Jean Pierre Barral, DO and Alain Crobier, DO; both osteopathic doctors in France.

What is an Athletic Trainer?

An Athletic Trainer (AT) is an allied health care professional.

What is the difference between an AT and a PT (So you do physical therapy?)?

Only a physical therapist is licensed to provide physical therapy. When someone is seeking out “physical therapy” often what they are seeking is an orthopedic or sports medicine assessment to rehabilitate or prevent pain. Athletic trainers are qualified to assess as well as provide tools of various manual therapies and movement practices to rehabilitate injuries, prevent injuries, and improve performance in both activities of daily living and sport. Athletic trainers work in conjugation with a physician to provide a client centered approach to care. In the state of California, ATs do not currently have regulation.

I see you use Pilates equipment with your clients, are you a Pilates based rehabilitation specialist?

I am comprehensively trained in Pilates through Polestar, however I do not soley teach or utilize Pilates. I find the Pilates equipment to be a very rich environment to explore and rediscover the freedom of healthy movement.

What can I expect for my first session?

The first session will be an assessment and treatment. It will start immediately with the assessment including both an osteopathic assessment called listening as well as a traditional orthopedic sports medicine assessment. After the assessment and before treatment we will verbally discuss your medical history and chief complaint(s) and goals. After the discussion a short treatment will be performed.

How often do I need to see you?

This will be discussed during your first session to determine what meets your needs, but in general most clients see me anywhere from 1-3x per week to 1-3x per month. The osteopathic work especially allows and requires some space between manual therapy visits to allow the body to natural adapt and change. Movement appointments can be scheduled on a more frequent basis.

What do you do on the road for your clients?

The professional athletes I travel to on the road receive a full assessment and treatment as well as any exercise prescription or modification. The goal is to provide periodic maintenance to prevent injuries and the majority of the aches and pains that arise during the season. If an injury occurs, they also have the peace of mind knowing I will be there for acute care to decrease pain, decrease swelling, improve ROM, and prevent further aches and pains. The goal is to minimize days lost of practice or games to the injury. Communication with the team medical staff is preferred and encouraged though, completely determined by the athlete.

I travel with professional athletes and therefore my schedule can be limited for in town clients in San Diego, CA & Scottsdale, AZ. I try to provide as consistent care as possibly, though if I feel you are not getting what you need or if you feel that you are not getting what you need I will refer you to a trusted practitioner in the area that can collaborate and supplement your plan of care.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

If unable to keep a scheduled appointment please call, text, or email MovementREV at least 24 hours in advanced so that the appointment slot can be filled with someone else. For travel services cancellation is required 5 days in advance.
If late cancellation or the client does not show up for the appointment or travel commitment scheduled MovementREV has the authority to charge a fee up to the full amount of the scheduled service. It is at the discretion of MovementREV to determine the amount charged.
For hourly scheduled appointments the rate of service is up to $150/hr. For travel service the rate of service may be up to $1000+ expenses for cancelled flights, hotels. rental cars, rescheduling of flight etc. For clients on monthly, seasonal, or yearly retainers the days lost will not be rescheduled or refunded. It is at the discretion of MovementREV to determine if a make-up day or refund is applied.

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